Most people in the sales world are pretty familiar with the Glengarry Glen Ross quote ‘Always be Closing’. It really is a great clip. Recently I asked some readers of this blog about problems facing sales organisations. If you haven’t yet answered, see how your answers compare to others below. As you can see, nearly […]

I recently had a lunch where the topic of targeted account marketing (TAM) came up. This is also known as account based marketing (ABM) and has become a key focus area for sales and marketing ops teams in recent years. According to Sirius Decisions, and its State of Account-Based Marketing survey, 92% of marketers now […]

Ten years ago not many business professionals had heard the term ‘sales operations’ and if so, it was a function reserved for large multinational corporations. With B2B sales becoming an increasingly complex and longer process, sales operations has proven to be a valuable function for organisations of all sizes. Recruiters in the US and UK […]