• Assisting Sales Leaders Excel
  • Enabling Sales Operations
  • Helping GROW your Business
  • Increasing Sales Productivity

Just A Few Project Ideas


Setting up Sales Operations

Setting up a new sales operations group often requires expertise and experience. Sales Ops Help can work with your company on various things including:

  • Role descriptions and interviewing help
  • Key KPIs
  • CRM adjustments and sales enablement tool recommendations

Making Sales More Productive

Implementing new sales technology

  • Assisting with internal ROI justification
  • Providing suggestions and introductions to vendors
  • Understanding sales individual and manager requirements
  • Defining key project KPIs
  • Building an adoption strategy that works
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"Marissa is a rock star of the sales ops world. She helped me with multiple strategic initiatives and has a deep understanding of sales processes and how best to optimize the sales world. I highly recommend."

"Peter Reynolds, Chief Commercial Officer of AimBrain"

"Marissa is the consumate sale and marketing operations professional who, upon joining Reval, instantly added value to the international sales and marketing organisation. She was instrumental in ensuring my team had the necessary tools and information at hand to execute effecient and effective marketing programs, always being proactive in helping the team stay one step ahead. Her extensive understanding of the sales and marketing organisation gives her the ability to always provide useful and relevant insight and maintaining a well oiled machine."

"Brendan Nel, Global Head of Marketing and Sales at Trybe.com"


"Marissa is a highly committed and motivated professional and is a great asset to the company. She has extensive insights and no matter what meeting I have been in with her she always is the one person who every single time adds significant value through her insightful comments and suggestions. She thinks outside the box and encourages others to do the same. She is meticulous in detail and always goes out of her way to help others. She has great organizational skills too and is a fun person to be around!"

"Jacqui Drew, Director, EMEA Solution Consulting at Reval"

"Marissa is the consummate professional and task-oriented individual. She overcomes numerous challenges through collaboration and digging into the problem and coming out with solutions. When I needed help solving a problem on a cross-functional and global scale, Marissa was always the first person I called. She quite simply gets things done. Beyond her amazing energy and dedication, she’s become a true expert in building a global business; from emerging market development to global organization design. She is relentless in her pursuit of perfection and is extremely meticulous in her work. 
Marissa provides an environment of charged enthusiasm to the team and is an excellent leader. She is a patient listener and is always open to new ideas and always encourages her team to go the extra mile. Marissa is a very dedicated and driven professional, who understands the multiple sides of a business. Also, working in an international company with contacts with colleagues with many nationalities and from different cultures, Marissa has proven that she can drive performance in a very professional way across cultural as well as organizational borders. I would recommend Marissa to anyone who wants to strengthen capabilities within Operations, and especially within the area of Sales & Operations Planning, and as an invaluable asset for any corporation"

"Justin Staines, CTO at various organisations"


"Marissa belongs to this very exclusive group of top talented organizer and manager. She has a vision for the right path to change organisation. I would rely on Marissa anytime to help scale up a business internationaly. Marissa is a fantastic analytical mind as well as a great team leader. I deeply feel the deep power of "collaboration" when participating to the simple and effective programs she deploys across Europe."

"Tim Wirth, EMEA Regional Director at Lithium Technologies"

About Sales Ops Help


Marissa White


16 Year Founded
15 Years of Sales Ops Experience

Sales Ops Help was started in 2016 by Marissa White. Marissa has worked as a sales individual in both advertising and real estate and has ten years of experience managing international sales and marketing operations teams at a variety of firms including EMC and BAE Systems. The sales operations function should be a key strategic business partner and to do that, it is key to always be innovating and learning. Sales Ops Help seeks to share best practices, cutting edge buying philosophy and methods while providing advice on how to take advantage of the latest technology to enhance sales productivity. There are a number of ways Sales Ops Help can support your organisation, not limited to: - Benchmarking and road-mapping - Efficiency and automation recommendations including introductions - Project managing a sales ops led initiative in your organisation - Documentation and training of key sales processes with KPIs and real results - Setting up a new sales operations practice and finding a permanent candidate to run - Providing temporary cover with absences

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is Sales Operations?

Sales Operations is a crucial function for any sales organisation looking to grow, scale or perform more efficiently. Sales Ops groups are focused on everything from planning through sales commissioning and always have their eye on the pulse of the business through regular inspection. Sales operations should always be striving for improvement, never happy with the status quo.

How Big Should the Sales Ops Function Be?

According to a study, 54 percent of sales operations departments are less than 3 years old. While this function is in its infancy at many organisations, Fortune 1000 B2B companies typically spend anywhere from 1% to 5% of sales just on sales operations headcount and programs. No matter where you are on your journey, learning more about sales psychology, methodology and enablement technology can improve your organisation’s success.

Is there a standard structure for a sales operations organisation?

There are likely as many versions of sales op organisations as there are companies. Tactical vs. strategic, small vs. large, broad vs. narrow, centralised vs. devolved. There are a number of considerations to ensure the org is appropriately structured but no matter what, its incredibly important sales ops is an empowered senior function and closely aligned with, and supported by, the Head of Sales.

Where can I learn more about sales operations?

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