The recent Brexit debate has had a lot to say about uncertainty so I thought I would share some thoughts on what the topic of uncertainly can mean for businesses and how to mitigate that.


Uncertainty is the scourge of business. We expect public companies to be able to accurately predict their business, or the market punishes them for it. Investors expect any new business to have a clear business plan. Companies of all size rely on accurate sales and cash forecasts to execute hiring and business decisions. Therefore, mitigating that risk and uncertainty is key in the success of any venture.

Sales Operations

Sales operations is a growing function. First created in the 1970s by Xerox it has grown into its own professional discipline and many firms recognize this function as a strong and necessary force to ensure the sales organisation reliably achieve their ambitions and goals. The more sales operations can help sales deliver regular and predictable results through clear, repeatable processes, the less uncertainty exists.  I believe its a critical time for businesses of all size to ensure they have a strong sales operations function. Sales operations can help your business see trends and stay ahead of the competition through modern and cutting tools and methodologies, support and enable customer and channel diversification all whilst driving the cadence and ensuring a reliable predictable business through being more sure about what our salespersons are telling us.

If you want to know how sales operations can help you business minimize uncertainty, please be in touch here.