Millennials and AI

Undoubtedly, two of the biggest trends changing the sales landscape at the moment are millennials and AI. I wrote a blog about millennials not too long ago. Much has been written about the negatives of the changing generational dynamic but I think it represents a huge opportunity.

I recently was at an event put on by who is a great thought leader in the space and I highly recommend following. The graphic that really impressed upon me in the presentation was this one below. I think this perfectly show how well AI is embedded into the every day life of a millennial. The time between 9-5 makes its really clear that failing to have AI as part of your sales technology stack is really missing a trick.

Millennials and AI

Day in the Life

To wake up in a climate controlled house which Nest has learned to optimise, have a workout guided by Fitbit, a route and guidance from Google with tunes suggested by Spotify all implies that artificial intelligence is gathering data and supplementing intelligent decisions to the user. The user experience requires less choice and options as AI is providing intelligence suggestions based on what it has learned about this person.

To have a millennial then sit at their desk without any technology to assist them make decisions (based on their behaviours, buying behaviours or those of the customer profile) is really a shame. It makes a lot more sense to guide someone to the optimal actions than have your sales team will spend most their day trying to make sense of data and optimise their behaviour.

On their way home Tripadvisor suggests a meal based on past reviews, then on the commute home perhaps Amazon provides some buying suggestions based on similar purchases. Finally tucked into bed Netflix provides some suggestions of what to watch.

Where is the Biggest ROI on Time?

I think this graphic shows how embedded AI is becoming an embedded part of life, especially the life of a millennial.  I think this was an interesting perspective for me to consider how sellers think and their day operates. With over 50% of sales staff meant to be millennials in the next few years, is your company optimised for the future? Are you ensuring your sellers are spending time on the activities that will have the largest return?

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