I wrote a post about quarter four last year and what items to look out for to ensure your forecast is as accurate and perhaps include in a sales dashboard as it can be found here. This blog is a more holistic look at how to setup sales dashboards to get ahead of the game. This […]

Undoubtedly, two of the biggest trends changing the sales landscape at the moment are millennials and AI. I wrote a blog about millennials not too long ago. Much has been written about the negatives of the changing generational dynamic but I think it represents a huge opportunity. I recently was at an event put on […]

Following on my blog about Avoiding Failure in Sales Acceleration projects I wanted to cover some examples of common sales accelerations technology. I wrote a blog about Incentive compensation a few weeks ago. This blog will talk specifically about call technology. Until a couple years ago I thought this was a nice to have, or perhaps something […]

Last week I attended a great event put on by NewVoice Media. The most interesting speaker was Martin Hill-Wilson from Brainfood Consulting. He was an exceptionally engaging speaker and his talk was on a very hot topic, artificial intelligence (AI). Inspired by Martin’s talk, I wanted to share some thoughts as well as some specific examples of […]