Summer Priorities Vacation/holiday patterns in EMEA mean that Northern Europe is off in July with southern Europe disappearing in August. In North America business is similarly slow with people keen to leave at a reasonable time to enjoy the nice weather. Forecast calls lose attendance and projects slow down as decision makers are out of […]

The role of sales operations continues to grow and evolve. So what is sales operations? Back in the 1970s at Xerox, J. Patrick Kelly established a sales operations group to take on sales planning, compensation, forecasting and territory design. Kelly described his responsibilities as ‘all the nasty things you don’t want to do, but need […]

Ten years ago not many business professionals had heard the term ‘sales operations’ and if so, it was a function reserved for large multinational corporations. With B2B sales becoming an increasingly complex and longer process, sales operations has proven to be a valuable function for organisations of all sizes. Recruiters in the US and UK […]